California Surf Day at the Pier – Friday, September 20th. 6:15am – South Side, Oceanside Pier

Bring your favorite board and your best surfing buddies and join us for a morning of surf stoke and a history making beach photo. From grom’s to legends everyone needs to be on the South side of Oceanside Pier Friday, September 20th at 6:15 a.m.

Oceanside Mayor Peter Weiss has certified California Surfing Day an official city holiday and has given permission for employees to be an hour late to work so that they can join the city’s “Board Meeting.”
Betty’s lot south of the amphitheater will offer free parking until 11am as part of the celebration.

Be a part of the iconic photo as well as coverage from local news stations. Then head out get barrled with hundreds stoked surfers! The first 200 surfers to arrive will receive a California Surf Day commemorative t-shirt.

Enjoy treats from some of our awesome local businesses including Beach Break Café and Suja Juice.

The Oceanside Longboard Club has been asked to provide 15 volunteers to support this event. Please click the email button and include your availability to take place in this historic event. Lets show that our great club is there to support the success of CA Surf Day!

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MSA Classic

Well, Malibu did not disappoint us at all, there were waves all weekend long.  The surfing was incredible by the whole OLSC team!  We were allowed to have only 12 competitive spots:  2 Junior men 17 and under, 2 junior women 17 and under, 4 Women 18+, and 4 Men 18-69.  We were given two spots for legends who got to surf in a 30 minute expression session but were not scored.  I think Jim Lattis had the best time in his Saturday expression session, he came into the beach all smiles!

At the end of a very competitive talent packed contest OLSC had four surfers in the finals.

Joey Tebelman—4th place Men 18-69

Jack Van Wagoner—4th place Jr men 17 and under

Makala Smith—1st place Women 18+

Kasie Perkins—3rd place Women 18+

Steve Newton and Haylie Frasco both made it to the Semi-Finals and put on a great performance.  From the 6 person Semi-finals only 2 surfers were allowed to go on to the 4 person finals.  Kasie Perkins won every heat all weekend until the finals—she and Makala were on absolute fire all weekend!! Brooke and Jack Ochoa surfed well in the Junior divisions!  Jerry Swearingen and Michael Takayama both were killing it, so fun to see everyone get some great waves!!! Thank you to Kaila Patterson for filling the last women’s spot for us!  Nice to have you back surfing with OLSC.

photo gallery: Jean Pierre Provo

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The Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club has a proud history of generously donating to our local charities and supporting other non-profit organizations.

El Camino High School Surf Team

Scholastic Surf Series

Valley Middle School Surf Team

California Surf Museum

Best Day Foundation

Stoke for Life Foundation


President: Bing Cosby
Vice President: Jeff Warner
Treasurer: Jim Lattis
Secretary: Robin Rauschl
Team Capitan: Gretchen Harris
Media Guru: Jeff Warner


Steve Lee
Jim Marmack
Gretchen Harris
Neil Switzer
Nick Crawford
Derek Erickson
Joey Tebelman


Guy Takayama
Amy Warner
Grant Lee
Jim Arganda