Installed Racks

Check out the racks already installed at the South Side of the Pier and Seagaze!

We need your help to reach our goal of 3 racks installed at the Harbor.

The Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club is in need of funding support from our surf community to build and install surfboard racks near the showers at popular Oceanside surf breaks.

The Harbor and Buccaneer are the next locations, when we obtain funding and receive City approval.

Amount donated as of 2/9/2021

Number of donors

Amount required to complete all three racks

Cost Breakdown to build a rack:
$225 – Wood Cost (Wholesale)
$100 – Cost to burn OLSC and City Logos on wood
$60 – Hardware Costs
$395 approximate cost per rack

Questions or inquiries
or text: (650) 504-4325

Below are photos of our diligent volunteers making these redwood, 6 board, surfboard racks for our surfing ohana!

Special thanks and aloha to Steve Lee, Rick Cole, Eric Skvarna and others that helped in making these beautiful racks!

Our surf rack brain child and funding hustler charging at the harbor. Leah Conroy. Yeah Leah!!!