September 19th was an awesome day for OLSC and women’s longboarding. The Super Girl Pro organizers, ASA Entertainment, contacted Bing and me and asked if we would help put on a women’s longboard contest on the north side of the pier in conjunction with the Super Girl Pro Series contest. After a few emails and a zoom meeting with Rick Bratman the head of ASA Entertainment we agreed to organize and run a contest with 16 women longboarders. Super Girl created a Super Girl Longboard logo, provided the infrastructure and agreed to put up the $3000.00 prize purse and awards. Super Girl Pro gave us a page on their website and if you have not checked it out please do, all 16 surfers have a photo and mini profile.

We were blessed with great waves all morning on the 19th, good sized sets were rolling in and the wind stayed low all morning. All the surfers were awesome, great surfing, so fun to watch! Thank you to Super Girl Pro for making this possible and thank you to the OLSC members who worked and volunteered at the event. We had a great judging crew: Doreen Daligcon, Derek Erickson, Kevin Skvarna, Joey Tebelman and Shawn Daniels. Grant Lee tabulated and managed the horns and flags, keeping us on time as usual. We appreciate Grant Lee who does an awesome job! Thank you to Deirdre and Hana Cosby, Tony Altamirano who helped me with check-in and organization. Bing Cosby and Neil Switzer MC’ed the event, great job you two! Our own legend LJ Richards supervised from the judging stand. Thanks to Eve Poteet for the great photo from the awards.

The top 4 competitors were up on the big Super Girl Pro stage at the awards, congratulations to the finalist. Kirra Seale, Summer Romero, Avalon Gall and Summer Richley. Reid Van Wagoner, age 12, was the youngest competitor, she ripped! So proud of all the girls, such great surfing to watch!
Until next year, ASA Entertainment wants to grow the longboard event!! Since they started the Super Girl Pro Series with 16 girls, tagged onto our club contest, you can get an idea of how they can grow an event. This year they ran 100 girls through the event.

– Gretchen (Team Mom)

Heat 1

Red-Jen Smith—16.5

Blue Summer Richley—14.5

Yellow—Kasie Perkins—9.2

White—Frankie Seely—12.8

Heat 2

Red–Sophia Culhane—16.0

Blue—Makala Smith—14.8

Yellow—Reid Van Wagoner—13.7

White—Kirra Seale—15.2

Heat 3

Red-Soleil Errico—13.6

Blue—Avalon Gall—13.8

Yellow—Kelly Nicely—10.7

White—Liv Stokes—11.7

Heat 4

Red—Honolua Blomfield—13.8

Blue—Summer Romero—14.6

Yellow—Lola Mignot—12.1

White—Mele Saili—7.3

Heat 5

Red—Jen Smith—13.3

White—Kirra Seale—16.3

Heat 6

Red—Avalon Gall—14.2

White—Honolua Blomfield—13.5

Heat 7

Red—Summer Richley—14.2

White—Sophia Culhane—13.8

Heat 8

Red—Soleil Errico—15.2

White—Summer Romero—16.5


Heat 9

  Red –Kirra Seale—14.5

  White–Avalon Gall—12.9

Heat 10

Red—Summer Richley—10.6

White—Summer Romero—16.6


Heat 11

 Red—Kirra Seale—14.3

  White—Summer Romero—13.0

Surf Gallery

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