As an ongoing commitment to improve beach area facilities the City of Oceanside is proposing a new project to the Pier and Amphitheater area. South of the Junior Seau Amphitheater the City is proposing to improve the restroom, police, lifeguard and maintenance operations facilities, as well as, improvements to beach access from Pacific Street and Mission Avenue, resident and visitor serving facilities, and storage and trash enclosures that support beach programs.

In March of 2016, the entitlement and approval process began for the renovation of the beach restrooms adjacent to the Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater and at Tyson Street Park. The restrooms near the amphitheater will have 14 unisex single-stall toilets, a beach maintenance office, storage, and a police garage. The current historic restroom building will be remodeled for Oceanside Police use. Plans include the renovations and upgrades of the beach access at the Mission Avenue, the south amphitheater plaza, and The Strand parking lot. Crews will be relocating the sewer lift pump station as well. Beachfront improvements are scheduled to begin in Fall 2019. Construction is anticipated to take 18 months to complete. .

For additional information go to: City of Oceanside