MSA decided to use a very different format this year, each team only got 14 spots in the event to be distributed among 13 age divisions.  Each heat was a mix of male/female, young/old surfers.  The surf was contestable, but not great with some heats having big lulls.  So, in my opinion, the oldest and youngest surfers in each heat were at a disadvantage because getting a good wave was difficult at times.  Anyway, the weather was awesome, the contest went smoothly, and MSA did a great job putting on a nice event for everyone.  Thank you to the MSA crew who worked so hard last weekend!!  OLSC took second place out of 14 teams!  Unfortunately, due to the fact that only 14 teams were invited this contest does not count for coalition points.


A highlight of the weekend was the paddle race!  There were 12 or 13 paddle teams.  Jack Van Wagoner started and got us into the lead, we got behind a little bit in the middle, but that did not last long and OLSC took the win.  The paddle team:  Jack Van Wagoner, Naomi Tialavea, Joey Tebelman, Greyson Messier, Kai Takayama, and Kevin Skvarna.  So proud of them!!!

– Gretchen (Team Mom)


Malibu Surfing Association “Malibu Classic Invitational”

Menehune Boys – Greyson Messier — 3rd

Jr Men — Jack Van Wagoner — 1st

Men 20-29 — Kai Takayama — 1st

Sr Men 30-39 — Alex Altamirano — 5th

Jr Women — Avalon Gall — 2nd

Naomi Tialavea — 2nd

 Paddle Race —1st
 (Team:  Kevin Skvarna, Joey Tebelman, Naomi Tialavea, Kai Takayama, Greyson Messier, Jack Van Wagoner)

 Team Overall Placement:  2nd

 1st MSA

2nd OLSC

3rd Cardiff Surf Club
(with the help of OLSC members Steve Newton — 1st place, Sr men and David Arganda — 3rd place men 20-29

4th Pacific Beach Surf Club

5th WSC

6th Ventura Surf Club