Wow! What a weekend!!!  I am so proud of all the OLSC surfers!  Thank you to everyone who supported our team members at Church this weekend!! We had beautiful weather, we had surf and we had fun!!  Thank you to the Doheny Longboard Surf Club for putting on such a great event, thanks for cooking food all weekend for the competitors!

-Gretchen Harris
OLSC Team Captain

Best Trick Division:

Andy Nieblas—2nd
Chase Lieder—3rd
Kevin Skvarna—5th
Makala Smith—6th

OLSC Breakdown:

1st: Jack Van Wagoner/Brynley Beckman

Menehune boy 14 and under
2nd: Noah Hogle

Menehune girls 14 and under
2nd: Reid Van Wagoner

5th: Victoria Duprat

Junior Women 15-19
3rd: Avalon Gall

Women 20-34
3rd: Kaitlin Mikkelsen

Women 35-49
1st: Kelly Nicely

Women 60+
4th: Leah Conroy

6th: Jill Sommer

Jr Men 15-19
1st: Jack Van Wagoner

2nd: Greyson Messier

Men 20-29
2nd: Kai Takayama

3rd: David Arganda

Senior Men 30-39
1st: Steve Newton

6th: Noah Shimaburkuro

Masters 40-49
4th: Todd Rice

5th: Joey Tebelmen

Grand Masters 50-59
2nd: Michael Takayama

4th: Bing Cosby

5th: Robbie Jones

Legends 60-69

5th: Raymond Turnipseed