The two-day family friendly event was held once again at the Oceanside Pier and Amphitheater August 7th and 8th, 2021.

Professional and amateur surfers competed for bragging rights in the Coalition of Surfing Clubs. The team standings reflect the results from all the heats throughout the weekend and how surfers from each club placed. Individual results are listed below.

This years event included a Pro/Am Invitational titled The King and Queen of the Pier. The event ran Saturday. 12 men and 12 women competed for $6000 in prize money! 

In the Band Shell area and on the beach, we had vendors offering unique products and services to the contestants, spectators as well as the Oceanside beachgoers.

On Saturday following the day of competition we had live music, the winner of the Michael Surfboards custom board raffle was chosen as well as the award ceremony for the King and Queen of the Pier Pro Event! The club also presented surfing legend Woody Ekstrom with the LeRoy Grannis Watermans Award. Woody has an amazing history in the sport and it was an honor to have him be a part of our event.

Sunday concluded the event with the final heats to determine the event division winners, more great music and vendors.

Team Standings

  1. Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club
  2. WindanSea Surf Club
  3. San Onofre Surf Club
  4. Long Beach Surf Club
  5. Malibu Surfing Association
  6. Bay Cities Surf Club
  7. Ventura Surf Club
  8. Cardiff Surf Club
  9. Pedro Point Surf Club
  10. Pacific Beach Surf Club
  11. Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association
  12. Huntington Beach Surf Club
  13. Doheny Longboard Surfing Club
  14. Swamis Surfing Association
  15. La Jolla Shores Surfing Association
  16. San Diego Surf Ladies
  17. Camp Pendleton Surf Club
  18. Big Sticks Surfing Association

King and Queen of the Pier Results

  1. Tony Silvagni
  2. Andy Nieblas
  3. Kevin Skvarna
  4. Kai Takayama
  5. Tommy Witt
  6. David Arganda
  1. Sophia Culhane
  2. Jen Smith
  3. Avalon Gall
  4. Kirra Seale
  5. Makala Smith
  6. Honolua Blomfield

36th Annual Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club Contest Results

Thank you to all the teams that participated in the OLSC 36th Annual Club Contest!  We had a beautiful weekend with waves and lots of sunshine.  The contest was a great success, we appreciate all the love from everyone this weekend.

Menehune Girls 14 and Under

  1. Reid Van Wagoner—OLSC
  2. Indie Hoffman—SOSC
  3. Malia Ilagan—VSC
  4. Luella Pace—VSC
  5. Victoria Stewart—OLSC
  6. Maile Moningka—SOSC

Menehune Boys 14 and Under

  1. Cade Zielinger—OLSC
  2. Baron Banuelos—SOSC
  3. Greyson Messier—OLSC
  4. Cormac O’Brian—BCSC
  5. Tristan Day—MSA
  6. Jackson Napelen—WSC

Junior Women 15-19

  1. Liv Stokes—DLSA
  2. Avalon Gall—OLSC
  3. Sophia Culhane—OLSC
  4. Mahina Akaka—WSC
  5. Rebecca Jamgochian—MSA
  6. Mia McMahon—OLSC

Junior Men 15-19

  1. Chase Leider—OLSC
  2. Jack Van Wagoner—OLSC
  3. Greyson Messier—OLSC
  4. Aiden Sautner—SOSC
  5. Levi Slawson—CSC
  6. Ramond Sails—VSC

Women 20-34

  1. Kierra Seale—MSA
  2. Frankie Seely—WSC
  3. Lola Mignot—OLSC
  4. Vienna Werner—MSA
  5. Makala Smith—OLSC
  6. Keily McEvilly—WSC

Men 20-29

  1. Christian Stutzman—BCSC
  2. Kai Takayama—OLSC
  3. Casey Powell—SOSC
  4. David Arganda—OLSC
  5. Kevin Skvarna—OLSC
  6. Ethan Mudge—SOSC

Senior Women 35-49

  1. Jen Smith—WSC
  2. Summer Romero—OLSC
  3. Kelly Nicely—OLSC
  4. Naomi Tialavea—OLSC
  5. Jessica Taft—SOSC
  6. Amy Reda—HBLC

Senior Men 30-39

  1. Jerry Swearingen—OLSC
  2. Steve Newton—OLSC
  3. Alex Greene—PBSC
  4. Alex Altamirano—OLSC
  5. Tim Reda—HBLC
  6. Noah Shimabukura—OLSC

Senior Women 35-49

  1. Jen Smith—WS
  2. Summer Romero—OLSC
  3. Kelly Nicely—OLSC
  4. Naomi Tialavea—OLSC
  5. Jessica Taft—SOSC
  6. Amy Reda—HBLC

Masters Men 40-49

  1. Brendan White—SOSC
  2. Aaron Garrett—LBSC
  3. Travis Macks—OLSC
  4. Dane Perlee—SCSA
  5. Josh Froley—SOSC
  6. Darren Ledingham—CSC

Women 50+

  1. Miranda Joseph—WSC
  2. Carla Verbrugghen—LJSSA
  3. Alisa Prestie—OLSC
  4. Denise Reppenhagen—SSA
  5. Joan Bush—BSSA
  6. Doreen Daligcon–OLSC

Grand Masters Men 50-59

  1. Derek Erickson—OLSC
  2. Bing Cosby—OLSC
  3. Mike Myers—WSC
  4. Matt Brady—SOSC
  5. Mike Emerson—CSC
  6. Anthony Banueloso—SOSC

Legends 60-69

  1. Mike Gillard—WSC
  2. Boo Stubs—SOSC
  3. Raymond turnipseed—OLSC
  4. Rob Brockman–SCSA
  5. Don Hoefer—OLSC
  6. Don McCloud—CSC

Grand Legends 70+

  1. Ron Greene—PBSC
  2. Ron Pendleton—LBSC
  3. Otis Sistrunk—CSC
  4. Joel Baldwin—PPSC
  5. Jim Garrison—OLSC
  6. Mike Dreebin—MSA


  1. Brian and Illa McEvilly—WSC
  2. Rocky and Josh Froley—SOSC
  3. Reid and Jack Van Wagoner—OLSC
  4. Jessie Aleka and Chris—LBSC
  5. Jackie F/ Charlie C—WSC

Paddle Race

  1. Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club
  2. WindanSea Surf Club
  3. Ventura Surf Club
  4. Long Beach Surf Club
  5. San Onofre Surf Club
  6. Malibu Surfing Association
  7. Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association
  8. Pedro Point Surfing Club
  9. Pacific Beach Surf Club
  10. Bay Cities Surf Club

2021 Event Sponsors

2021 Bandshell Vendors

Don Newton Sunglasses

Art of Paradise

Desert Surfer

Beach Co.

Earth Girl Art

Cliff Serna Art

Wetsuit Dan

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