The King and Queen of the Pier Surf Contest commenced Friday, August 12th.

32 men and 32 women, ripped, shredded, noserode and got barrled competing for $5000 in prize money for each division!

This years winners received a prize purse and the highly coveted title of King and Queen of the Pier with handmade trophies from Creative Designs by CoLE.

The finals ran Saturday, August 13th in really clean, chest to head high surf. To add to the competitive drama, during the finals Jack Van Wagoner was hit in the mouth by his board. Heading to the beach slightly disoriented with some loose teeth Jacks mother (A Register Nurse) accessed his situation, pushed his teeth back in place and he was on his way back in the line up. Jack fought through adversity in an absolutley stacked heat to win the event!

That is a singular example of the high level drama that makes the OLSC events so exciting and the Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club Surf Contest Beach and Festival the best stop on the Coaltion of Surf Clubs annual calendar!

Pictured: Jack Van Wagoner, Gretchen Harris (OLSC Team Mom), Sally Cohen, and Bing Cosby (OLSC President).

Pictured left to right: Bing Cosby (OLSC President), Steven Sawyer, Christian Stutzman, Tony Silvagni, Taylor Jensen, Jack Van Wagoner, Ilima Kalama, Sally Cohen, Rachael Tilly, Mason Schremmer, Liv Stokes, Avalon Gall, Chloe Coleman, and Gretchen Harris (OLSC Team Mom).

King of the Pier Results

  1. Jack Van Wagoner
  2. Taylor Jensen
  3. Tony Silvagni
  4. Christian Stutzman

Queen of the Pier Results

  1. Sally Cohen
  2. Rachael Tilly
  3. Mason Schremmer
  4. Liv Stokes

Videos courtesy of Epic Surf News

King of the Pier – Heat 8

King of the Pier – Heat 7

Mike Stidham Interview @ King of the Pier

Jack Van Wagoner behind the curtain

Queen of the Pier – Heat 13

Queen of the Pier – Heat 12

Queen of the Pier – Heat 11

Queen of the Pier – Heat 10

Queen of the Pier – Heat 9