Well, my friends, there is no good way to break bad news but to just do it. The Board of Directors and I voted on canceling the 36th Annual surf contest because of this Covid Pandemic. We saw this unfolding in March and watched it through the last few months then really stretched out the decision till a few days ago. Rest assured we looked at it from all angles, hoping that it had finally dissipated enough to safely run our legendary contest but in the end we saw it boomeranging back and for safety concerns we pulled the plug.

I personally really wanted to see the contest happen but you have to trust your instinct and I really didn’t want to be a conduit for all my Coalition and Oceanside surf club friends to, potentially, be threatened in any way. Too risky.

So we have a vacuum to fill and I think we can by getting together safely on some low physical contact ways. Thanks to Robbie Jones, of “spin to win” fame, we have reached out to his local ‘American Legion Post 760’/Veterans Association of North County to be volunteers on their monthly food distribution! It’s 2 blocks back of the I-5 on Mission Ave. at their new beautiful new buildings. The date is July 10 between 1-4 pm and it caters to mostly military families but as of now any and all who need food including Civilians are welcome to go and receive. I think it would be fun to do and I could see us getting together for a afternoon surf session after helping out.

Also, Leah Conroy has initiated and following up on getting a Blood drive together that we would headline and spearhead for our Community, more to come on that. She also wants to get together a crew to design-build surf racks for our shower stations in Oceanside and I got the go-ahead from Public Works to receive the diagram, fill out work waivers for our volunteers to install, etc. the Trophy Guys are jumping in this band wagon and you can too! So let us know on the website email all that that you would like to be a part of and of other ideas and actions you have in mind.

Hopefull, you can see the theme here and it is encapsulated in our Surf Club Mission Statement -“ good citizenship and improving the public image of the surfing community”, (Our Mission Statement). These and other things that I encourage you all to envision and bring to the table, will get us through these tough times and, you know, it’s ok to be shaken up from time to time, so let’s use it positively!

We won’t be having a general membership meeting as our location is still closed but would love to see everyone out for a surf so we can all catch up. It was a general theme on our Zoom/BOD meeting earlier this week that we all miss each other’s company and camaraderie!

Lastly, with all these cancellations this year so far with the Coalition Surf events, it’ll be Interesting how it comes down for the Surf Team rankings. Estero Bay had their ‘ Big, Bad and Ugly” surf contest early this year and won it with WindnSea getting second. If this keeps up they will be the Coalition Champs which would be awesome! But the rumor mill is circulating internet chatter about a certain surf club wanting to squash that at all costs so this should get good.

I will be turning into a grand ol’ man June 27 as I will be hitting 50, watch out grandmasters here I come! So, I’m inviting all y’all to surf with me the next morning the 28th at TerraMar in Carlsbad 7 am.

That’s it for now, keep your chins up and check the website (thanks Jeff!) for up to date info on all this and .. let’s go surfing!!

Bing ‘da Prez