When: March 28th and 29th – POSTPONED

Where: Rincon Point in Santa Barbara

Hi everyone,

I’m sure you can imagine what this email is about: postponing the event.

Now, of course, we are all surfers, which makes us rebels by definition.

And I’m sure some of us might be skeptical of the risks involved in a low-key surfing event – with no crowds of spectators – and/or few opportunities for the COVID-19 virus to be transmitted in a wide-open beach environment (well, maybe high-fiveing each other riding waves together IF the virus can survive being immersed in salt water)

So members of the Organizing Committee made a round of phone calls, and we were informed that Santa Barbara County has just banned gatherings of more than 50 people.

And although Rincon is actually between Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, we’ve decided to postpone the Invitational for 2 weeks – or until we have clearance from local health officials AND a weekend with good tides.

More info to come as necessary.

And I’ll look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience either by email or phone: 805-382-0657.



Glenn Hening

Rincon Invitational Organizing Committee