Hello OLSC,

Well, we had a great weekend of surf and warm weather at the Swamis Surfing Association “Return to the Reef” surf contest this weekend!  Thank you to the SSA for putting on an awesome event.  They fed everyone all weekend long with great food from local restaurants and markets—so good!!  Lots of carbs!!  The vibe was really mellow and everyone had a great time.  Thanks to the club members who came down and hung out with the team and cheered them on!!

Some of our club rippers were invited to surf in the Vans event at 15th Street in Del Mar on Sunday, so lots of shuttling back and forth for some surfers, but everyone made all their heats except Michael Takayama who selflessly hauled James Culhane back and forth to the Del Mar Event and missed his final.  James Culhane came over from Hawaii and is staying with Michael—we got him into the Cardiff event and he ripped all weekend.


SSA “Return to the Reef” Results: Team 3rd 

Menehune Boys:

Jack Van Wagoner—2nd

Cade Zeilinger—3rd


Junior Men 15-19:

James Culhane—2nd


Men 20-29:

Kevin Skvarna—1st

David Arganda—2nd


Grand Masters 50-59:

Derek Erickson—1st

Michael Takayama—6th


Legends 60-69:

Raymond Turnipseed—2nd


Super Legends 70+:

Jim Garrison—5th


Junior Women 15-19:

Avalon Gall –1st


Women 20-34:

Kaitlin Mikkelsen—1st

Makala Smith—2nd

Kasie Perkins—3rd


Women 50+:

Jill Sommer –4th



Jack and Reid Van Wagoner—2nd place

photos courtesy of: Jerry Jaramillo