Hello OLSC
What a great weekend!! We had great weather and we had good waves at Cardiff Reef for the Swamis “ Return to the Reef” surf contest.

Thanks to the SSA for putting of a fun, mellow contest with great food!!!

Here is the breakdown:

Menehune Boys: Jack Van Wagoner—1st place

Menehune Girls: Mia McMahon—2nd place

Jr Women: Avalon Gall—1st place

Men 20-29: Kevin Skvarna—4th
Men 20-29: Kai Takayama—5th

Sr Men 30-39: Jerry Swearingen—3rd

Masters: Bing Cosby—2nd

Grand Masters: Michael Takayama—3rd

Legends: Raymond Turnipseed—1st
Legends: Don Hoefer—5th

Super Legends 70+: Jim Lattis—6th

Tandem: Travis and Stephanie—1st place

Presidents: Bing Cosby—3rd place

Adaptive: Charles Webb—1st
Adaptive: Kenji Ito—2nd
Adaptive: Chris Oberle—4th
Adaptive: Masa Kohayashi—5th
Adaptive: Mark Thornton—6th

Team: 2nd place

photos courtesy of: Jerry Jaramillo