Hello OLSC,
What a weekend, Malibu had waves!!! The surfing was incredible and so fun to watch. Thank you to the Malibu Surfing Association for putting on the event!! There were only nine divisions, so some age groups were huge. Everyone on the OLSC team did a great job!!! Thank you to our amazing paddle team for bringing in the 1st place finish out of 8 paddle teams!

Here is the final breakdown:
Menehune boys: Jack Van Wagoner—2nd
Jr Men 14-18—Will Allen —3rd
Men 19-49—David Arganda—5th (there were ten initial heats in this age group) Kai Takayama was 7th, Jerry Swearingen 11th and Kevin Skvarna 12th out of 60 surfers.
Men 50-69—Raymond Turnipseed—8th (36 surfers in this group)
Super Legends 70+—Jim Garrison—5th
Women 19-49—Kaitlin Maguire—2nd
Women 50+—Stacy Willis—3rd
Jr Women 14-18—Malia Smith and Avalon got knocked out in the semi-finals—incredible surfing from both of them

Paddle Race: 1st place (Paddle team: Kai Takayama, Jackson Myers, Avalon Gall, Jack Ochoa, Kevin Skvarna)

Team: OLSC—3rd out of 17 teams