Well, Malibu did not disappoint us at all, there were waves all weekend long.  The surfing was incredible by the whole OLSC team!  We were allowed to have only 12 competitive spots:  2 Junior men 17 and under, 2 junior women 17 and under, 4 Women 18+, and 4 Men 18-69.  We were given two spots for legends who got to surf in a 30 minute expression session but were not scored.  I think Jim Lattis had the best time in his Saturday expression session, he came into the beach all smiles!

At the end of a very competitive talent packed contest OLSC had four surfers in the finals.

Joey Tebelman—4th place Men 18-69

Jack Van Wagoner—4th place Jr men 17 and under

Makala Smith—1st place Women 18+

Kasie Perkins—3rd place Women 18+