On Saturday April 8 th , the 3 rd Annual DLSA vs OLSC Bowling Championship took place at Surf Bowl in Oceanside. It has been a fun event and looks like it will continue to be well into the future. We pretty much took over the whole south end of the alley and each club had 28 bowlers rolling that day.

Last year the DLSA crowd showed up in custom bowling shirts, probably in an attempt to psych us out. This year we came back with our own shirts and I have to say, we looked pretty darn good! Guess I should note that it was RJ from DLSA that made the shirts for us, but he didn’t let the rivalry stand in the way of his professionalism and the shirts are sharp!

For the past two years the OLSC has come out on top and the DLSA folks were very determined not to let it become a ‘three-peat’. We heard that they had been practicing and when we arrived at the alley, the DLSA party bus was already in the parking lot. Turns out they got there at 11:00 am. Bowling wasn’t to start until 2.

Everyone was having a great time as the competition kicked off. OLSC on the odd numbered lanes and DLSA on the even ones. I didn’t see anyone putting on their personal bowling shoes, but I wouldn’t have been surprised. Both sides had some real ringers! There were even three Turkeys (3 strikes in a row) that day. One by Kelly Skvarna and TWO by Fast Eddie Conroy!

Our time eventually ran out, even though everyone wanted to keep going, and we were ready for the award ceremony. First we had a few individual awards. The ‘Best Effort’ award went to Talia Dahlberg (That’s Travis’ tandem partner Stephanie’s daughter). Next we had the ‘Top Bowler award. With a single game score of 186, Fast Eddie Conroy got that one.

Finally it was time to give out the overall Club award. I won’t get too math-y on you, but we basically took the average single game score. The competition was stiff and the runner up had an average score of 107.9. The winning club came in with an average score of 108.6 and DLSA are the new bowling champs.

This year the DLSA folks made two trophies, 1 st & 2 nd place. Maybe because we’ve won it two times prior and they didn’t want to ride home empty handed? Maybe because they were very confidant and knew Bing would have a hard time if he was standing there empty handed? Doesn’t really matter. It was all about having a good time and hanging out with all our friends!