OLSC Members Attend the 10th Annual California Surf Museum Gala Fundraiser

This past month I was fortunate to be among a few members of OLSC to attend the California Surf Museum 10th annual fund raiser at the Cape Rey Hilton Carlsbad honoring Fernando Aguerre, Jericho Poppler and Gerry Lopez.

At our table was Bing Cosby, Jeff Warner, his lovely wife Amy, Jim Arganda, Jim Lattis, Jim Marmack Steve Lee, Robin, myself, and presenting a beautiful custom art board for auction our own Guy Takayama and Lady Diane.

The evening started off with drinks and h’orderves and opportunity to bid on dozens of donated items from spa treatments to fine wines, lots of art and all kinds of surf related items. Attendees wrote down their bid and the highest bidder took home a special item they will dig for many years and all for a good cause.

It was so cool to rub elbows with the likes of Joyce Hoffman, Mike Doyle, Nat Young, Mickey Munoz and so many others I can’t begin to remember. It was great mingling around and seeing so much of our surfing history legends downing a beverage and having photos taken with admirers. A bit later dinner was served and everyone settled down and enjoyed a great meal while waiting for the main presentation to begin.

The awards ceremony started off with the auction of six beautiful surfboards, this is where the deep pockets stepped up to bid on one of a kind wall hangers. Guy walked up and had his beautiful art short board jet black with gold leaf with depictions of Gerry and Jericho surfing style hand sign the board. It was then auctioned off for $2000.00. What a great donation contribution for the Museum. Way to go Guy!

Then the presentations started. First with an award for Fernando Aguerre for his dedicated work in getting surfing in the next Olympic games in Japan. Fernando along with his brother Santiago started Reef Sandals. Fernando also started the ISA which was the jumping off point for the future of surfing in the Olympics.

Next up was Jericho Poppler, Introduced by Gregory Harrison best known to us as the actor from the movie North Shore. Jericho is known to us all beyond her accolades as a pro surfer and driver of women in the sport of surfing but as a competitor in our events surfing for Long Beach Surf Club and for her daughter Sophia Bartlow that we lost this past year. Jericho’s accomplishments are so vast it would take up a whole page to list them.

Last of the night was Gerry Lopez who for me was the guy who I and everyone else who grew up in the 70’s and admired and tried imitate as the most stylish person on the planet on waves of consequence with grace and beauty. His speech, if you can call it that was a collimation of a life of focused purpose fueled by meditation and yoga that still drives his philosophy on living . His stories spoke to how life’s journey and surfing parallels and how to deal with the ups and downs we all experience on that journey . Gerry spoke of perfect rides and horrible wipe outs. Sometimes you get a perfect ride and sometimes you take a few on the head. In it all was a theme that at 68 years old his words resonated so strongly with me and I am sure many others, (keep paddling!) no matter how well you can keep trying and live life in the moment enjoy it and live life to the fullest. How can you argue with that?

-Dave Hilts
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