Below are the King and Queen of the Pier Heat Sheets. We are running this event “old skool” again this year like always, printed heat sheets, no priority, no live scoring. Please see the contest rules below the heat times. It will be great to see everyone this year!

King of the Pier Heat Sheets
August 11th, 2023

RedChristian Stutzman
BlueChase Leider
YellowJohn Van Hohenstein
WhiteAiden Cruz
RedRichie Cravey
BlueTravis Macks
YellowTommy Coleman
WhiteMike Stidham
RedTom Lower
BlueAndy Nieblas
YellowTrip Chandler
WhiteAiden Sautner
RedKai Takayama
BlueJerry Swearingen
YellowNoah Hogle
WhiteMichael Van Hohenstein
RedTony Silvagni
BlueLuke Johnson
YellowSteve Newton
WhiteIan Gottran
RedBrendan White
BlueJack Van Wagoner
YellowMack Landry
WhiteRaymond Sayles
RedKai Sallas
BlueGreyson Messier
YellowKai McPhillips
WhiteGavin Idone
RedBrandon Elderkin
BlueNoah Shimabukura
YellowJoe Rickabaugh
WhiteNohea Williams

Queen of the Pier Heat Sheets
August 11th, 2023

RedSummer Romero
BlueRilynn Baker
YellowFrankie Seely
WhiteAshleigh Yob
RedKaitlin Mikkelsen
BlueBianca Dootson
YellowLola Mignot
WhiteSophia Arky
RedAvalon Gall
BlueKasie Perkins
YellowKelly Nicely
WhiteCandra Jordan
RedRachael Tilly
BlueIndie Hoffman
YellowLara Clayton
WhiteEmily Flannigan
RedSally Cohen
BlueSofia Todd
YellowAlanna Parra
WhiteLiv Stokes
RedHonolua Blomfield
BlueStephanie Schechter
YellowLuella Pace
WhiteLola Schremmer
RedHallie Rohr
BlueNique Miller
YellowCash Hoover
WhiteReid Van Wagoner
RedMakala Smith
BlueStar Delia
YellowMalia Ilgan
WhiteMichelle Layton

CONTEST RULES AND REGULATIONS – Guidelines for the King and Queen of the Pier Contest

Heats will be 20 minutes, Final heats will be 30 minutes.

All heats will be water starts, competitors may enter the water at the five-minute warning. Competitors waiting for their heat to start must stay clear of the heat in progress. Failure to do so will result in a paddling interference, with a loss of the lowest scoring wave in the competitor’s wave total.

Surfboards must be a minimum of 9 feet in length. Women and juniors may use boards which are 3 feet longer than the height of the contestant. Cords are optional. The Contestant assumes responsibility for not using a leash.

Maximum wave count and number of scoring waves will be set depending on the surf conditions of the contest. The surfer will be advised of the maximum total of waves they may catch prior to the commencement of the heat. Upon reaching the maximum wave totals, competitors will exit the water.

A. The first rider up, closest to the curl, has wave possession. In the event that two riders stand up at the same time, the rider closest to the curl has possession. (Standard point break rule).

B. In the event that two riders stand up on an unbroken wave, the first competitor up has possession. (Standard reef or beach break rule). The other rider may take off in the opposite direction. To have possession of a wave, the rider must be on his feet in front of or in the curl after the first turn. Any action which impedes a contestant riding or taking off on a wave by dropping in, taking off, or paddling in front of the rider in possession will result in an interference called (Loss of lowest scoring wave in that heat). In cases where a rider is in front of another unknowingly or so appears to judge and if the rider exits with no impedance, no interference shall be called. (No harm, no foul).

Snake rule: Paddling in front, around, or behind a competitor to impede and take wave possession is known as snaking. This interference results in a loss of the lowest scoring wave in the competitor’s heat.

Judging will be on a 10-point system. Competitors will be judged on style, speed, flow, wave selection, length of ride and controlled functional maneuvers. Shuffling and hopping back and forth on the surfboard will be considered poor style and will not be scored as high as walking.

Protests: Contestant must speak with the contest director or head judge only within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the heat in question.

All contestants must check-in 15 minutes before their heat to sign a waiver.

Judges may not surf in the contest unless otherwise agreed upon by the head judge and contest directors.

Award ceremony for our 2022 King and Queen of the Pier.