Saturday February 25th I attended the coalition meeting at the Surfing Heritage Museum and Cultural Center in San Clemente.  There were 16 longboard clubs represented at the meeting, each club was allowed two officers/Board members or team captains to speak at the meeting.  The Doheny Longboard Surfing Club hosted the event, took minutes and provided food, while Mark Gale (President of DLSA) provided the leadership that we needed to come together as a group.  Many topics were discussed from judging to the formation of a coalition board of director.  We voted on a couple of items such as to keep the coalition a President’s Round Table instead of forming a BOD.  Estero Bay had their club contest (The Big Bad and the Ugly) voted in as a coalition points event—so now we are up to ten events annually that score towards the coalition championship.  Basically, the meeting was a round table where everyone’s concerns were aired.  There is currently a proposal in to update the coalition website with a new more modern site—that decision is still to be determined.  It was great to see so many good friends from Santa Cruz to Coronado.

OLSC put up our museum display, thank you Steve Lee for installing it!  A big thank you to Jeff Warner who pulled the project together and made it look fabulous, along with Steve Lee, Jim Lattis and Rick Cole who did the woodwork.  The official opening of the Surf Club Project will be held on March 11th at the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente.  I was very proud of our display which has all 32 years of our contest program covers on it (minus two years where we had no program)!

-Gretchen Harris
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