Dates: August 9th-10th

The Guy Takayama Pro-AM Surf Events will be held Friday August 9th. Heats start at 6:30 AM with the Pro-Am Noseriding contest, the Pro-Am Open contest starts after the first round noseriding heats are complete. Please come early on Friday to the noseride event, you will need to have your board measured and taped by OLSC members prior to the start of your heat. There will be no refunds for no shows.

The Guy Takayama Pro-Am Noseriding Contest is a timed event, surfers will be timed when both feet are on the top 24 inches of the board. Surfboards must be 9 feet or longer. No leashes allowed. There will be a $5000.00 prize purse, top 8 surfers will get paid.

The Guy Takayama Pro-Am Open Contest is a traditional longboard event, surfers will be judged on classic and traditional styles of surfing. There is a $5000.00 prize purse, the top 8 surfers will be paid.

Noseriding Rules and Regulations

1. Boards must be a minimum of nine feet in length.
2. Leashes are not allowed.
3. Heat score is the total accumulated noseriding time on the target area of your top two waves. In the event of a tie, the third wave will be counted as a tiebreaker.
4. All heats have four contestants.
5. Heats are twenty minutes with a maximum of ten waves.
6. Finals are thirty minutes long with a maximum of ten waves (be selective).
7. Timed target area; front twenty four inches of board, separated with a wide contrasting colored stripe.
8. Time will be stopped if contestant grabs their rails of falls of their boards.
9. Interference will be as follows: In a peak situation, the surfer closest to the peak has possession. In a non-peak situation, the first surfer up has possession.
10. Head judge will make the final call on interference.

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